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The Shallow Grave is a highly detailed spine tingling scarefest that brings the Tampa Bay and Central Florida area something they have been missing. An intimate in your face, fear filled environment with custom themes and movie quality sets to put you in the midst of terror unlike anything you have experienced before. Once you have dared to put your foot into “The Shallow Grave” you will be begging for more while you are dying to get out.


Hell hath no fury.....sound familiar? Somewhere in a deep dark murky swamp there is a coven, a coven of gypsy like witches or so they say. No one dares to get close to that old shack. The smells and the sounds from that part of the woods keep most normal people at bay, but Thaddeus is as far from normal as one might expect. When Thaddeus hunts Thaddeus eats, and therein lies the problem. Thaddeus never concerned himself with biting the hand that feeds him...well cause it was the hand that was feeding him but this time the hand was biting back. Always too busy to even think twice why the hordes of the undead stalked him, even hunted him, the time has come that maybe he should. Crossing paths with these swamp gypsies has its consequences. Kill one of them.... now there is a blood debt! These women plan to collect. Throwing their bones, rattling incantations all to raise the dead only scratched the surface. Like a gnat on a dog Thaddeus disregards them-almost mocks them, but now a new evil walks his property. Old man Thaddeus doesn't like things on his property, but this thing smells different, leaves a different footprint. The sounds are indescribable, the shadows move now, a new hunter stalks this land. It has Thaddeus a little concerned, there is a stench in the air, a darkness settling over him. He fears there may be Vengeance on its way and he knows he has to prepare for a Blood Moon!



You find yourself tossing, turning, throwing yourself about fighting these visions, visions of the scarred old man from that wretched rickety house by the cemetery. You see him for the first time scared to death that it's the last face you see, you turn to run.....but your legs wont move. Your heart starts to pound as your chest aches, you cry out in torment yet no sound. You turn back to see if Thaddeus is gaining on you only to see the swing of his axe as you explode from your bed drenched in fear soaked in sweat but for now it is not your blood. Witness the all new disturbing terrors that is Pavor Nocturnus only at The Shallow Grave.


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